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Understanding the score

In the calculator we have drawn upon research profiled on the About page to score use of different aspects on Social Media use.

The use of Facebook 'passively' the research has highlighted as being potentially negative.


  • Checking to see what someone is up to

  • Viewing photos

  • Browsing the newsfeed passively (without liking or commenting on anything)

  • Looking through my friends profiles


Where use of these are higher then the other  aspects and if you are concerned you may wish to consider some of the items on the checklist

You can also consider using other aspects of the platform more. The other aspects used in scoring are

Active Social

  • Posting Status Updates

  • Commenting (on statuses, wall posts, pictures etc)

  • Chatting on Messenger

  • Posting photos

  • Browsing the newsfeed actively (liking and commenting on posts, pictures and updates)

Active Non Social

  • Creating or RSVPing to events

  • Tagging photos

  • Posting videos

  • Tagging videos

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