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In it's short life the 'stop the steal' Facebook group was one of the fastest growing groups in the platforms history, as reported in the New York Times here  trying to delegitimize the 2020 election. Within an
hour of its formation it had been shared 2,000 times with a minute long viral video.

Formed on Wednesday, by Thursday morning less than 22 hours after it was started it had grown
to over 320,000 users - growing up too 100 users a second. This group was shut down hours later
by facebook for trying to incite violence. It had already done its work planting the seed widely
enough with the users who would carry the message

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Connection Building

In September 2010 Christchurch was hit with a devastating earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter
scale. In the aftermath of this the Student Volunteer Army was formed  University of Canterbury
student Sam Johnson created a facebook group.

This group called 'Student Base for Earthquake Clean up' to assist local residents with non lifesaving tasks.

Sam and leaders of several UC clubs joined together and formed the 'Student Volunteer Army' as a
collective movement of 11,000 people to help clean up the city. This group has grown and gone on to
help with many of the subsequent challenges Christchurch and New Zealand have faced.
They now partner with New World to deliver groceries across Aotearoa to those who need them


Integrated Activities

In a recent study Britons were asked who had the Greatest impact on the world in 2021? It was
Captain Sir Tom Moore, the 99 year old pensioner who walked around his garden to raise
money for the NHS.

The integration of this combined with something he doing shows the power of social media and
virality, even after his passing the Captain Tom foundation has been set up to continue on his


Sought Content

Actively using social platforms to seek out and build connections. These outside of the
algorithmically provided content had benefits and provided access to support and opportunities.[3]
Reaching out for support while struggling with something is a good example of active use.

The studies highlight contrast how previous studies view Social Network connections as being
perceived as low value with actually being more nuanced and having higher value especially
considering different modes of facebook usage. Those modes being passive, active private and
active public usage.

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