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In order to determine usage SociallyFed utilise the Passive and Active Facebook Use Measure.

I have developed this survey based tool myself but the 13 point measure was developed from work detailed in the following study. 

Please note: I have drawn inspiration from the study below but it is only one way to think about active and passive use and has no link to this study or the authors.

"  1. Trifiro BM, Gerson J. Social Media Usage Patterns: Research Note Regarding the Lack of Universal Validated Measures for Active and Passive Use. Social Media + Society. April 2019. doi:10.1177/2056305119848743 "

This measure gauges Passive/ Active usage, at the end of the survey we rank Passive / Active social / Active non social use and provide some detail about the score.

No personal information or email addresses are stored by this tool

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